The Secret to Viagra's Success

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men of varying ages. The problem can be attributed to many factors including, but not limited to stress, medical conditions, lifestyle choices and even age. Although the reasons may vary, the outcome is the same. The man is unable to maintain or have an erection, which can lead to a significant decrease in sexual health and decline in healthy sexual relationships, and quite possibly effective communication with their partners.

When a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction often times there is a step that is missed in the process of arousal. The culprit often presents itself as the actual erection. Arousal, which can be present as a psychological response, and is considered the first part of the process, is typically present. The problem lies in the actual erection. For here, when erectile dysfunction is present there is no moving forward, and without an erection the arousal often dies off quickly. This can be very frustrating and stressful for both the male and his partner or spouse.

There are several medications on the market which can stimulate an erection, but not quite one that is as successful as Viagra. Viagra has two major functions. One is to promote a healthy erection and the second is to aid in ejaculation. These two functions are, of course, essential to a healthy and happy sex life. Viagra makes the process a whole lot easier by doing the same kind of thing with a pill instead of an injection. There are some very specific reasons why Viagra is a very successful medication, one of the most specific being that the medication works only when the man is aroused, allowing him to take the medication 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual intercourse. This takes away the fact that a man will have to take a medication every day. Viagra is an as needed medication. This proves to be one of the other things that make it such a desirable solution to erectile dysfunction.

Viagra has limited side effects, which also makes it more desirable than other medications on the market. In men, some of the side effects can include mild headache, flushing, indigestion and runny nose. The side effects are extremely minimal, however if occur for prolonged periods of time should be noted to your doctor.

The vast success for Viagra has come by allowing men to fulfill their desires even when they thought impossible. Viagra can be attributed to saving marriages, healing relationships, building confidence and reducing stress. Sexuality is a vital part of a relationship and the inability to express oneself sexually can have a detrimental effect on a person and their relationships with partners, and spouses. Viagra has given men back the feeling of satisfaction, control of their lives and success.


Viagra is only the most recent treatment in a long history of attempts to resolve erectile dysfunction. Luckily, it also happens to be the most effective as well. Although medical history does not keep records quite as thoroughly as we might like regarding erectile dysfunction treatment attempts, there is ample evidence showing that taking one simple pill is a vast improvement over other ideas for resolving erection problems. more